Strengths / advantages

Energy savings of up to 15%

Thanks to the reduction of heat losses and the improvement of heat transfer in the bath, energy savings are obtained and can reach 15% less.

Thanks to this we can limit the formation of dead spots and make the slagging phase easier.



Increase in productivity and reduction of the costs

The life of the furnace is increased. It is not necessary to use the fires at high temperatures for long periods and the opening of the doors is drastically reduced, ensuring greater heat exchange and higher productivity.

Reduction of consumption

Auril&Gond stirrer for aluminum reduces gas consumption by about 15% thanks to mixing with consequent homogenization of the temperature.

Homogenization of temperature and greater dissolution of the alloys

With the use of the electromagnetic stirrer we have a drastic reduction in the temperature difference between the upper and lower part of the molten bath which is less than 5° C after a few minutes from turning on the stirrer. This difference without the use of the stirrer is normally between 50 and 80° C. This therefore also guarantees an increase in the dissolution rate of the alloys in terms of time.

Reduction of slag formation by up to 25%

The mixing effect produced by Auril&Gond aluminum stirrer means that a lower temperature gradient is obtained with a consequent lowering of the surface temperature (aluminum oxidizes very quickly at temperatures above 775° C). Using the stirrer mechanical mixing and door opening is less necessary, consequently, the formation of slag is substantially reduced.