SKID and piping


Skids are systems that include piping, valves, gauges, pressure regulators, flanges, and other components and equipment needed to carry out manufacturing processes.

Thanks to its great experience in the steel industry and its international presence, Auril&Gond has expanded its range of products by creating skids and cooling systems that can be adapted according to the needs of its customers.
All the stages are followed within the company, from design to construction and subsequent installation at the customer premises.



Auril&Gond engineering boasts a long experience and a high level of know-how acquired over time. The design phase is managed within the company. Thanks to a continuous exchange of information with the customer, we are able to provide a system that meets the needs of each customer and each skid is tailor-made according to the system in which it will be installed.

Skid sezione 1



The systems are built, assembled and tested in our company, ensuring rapid integration into the system, and minimizing interruptions in the production cycle.

Auril&Gond plants include:

  • carpentry structures
  • piping
  • valves, sensors and cabled electrical parts
  • Electric switchboards
  • motors and pumps
  • storage tanks

Our systems are assembled by our specialized technicians and are made according to international standards with high-strength materials

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The installation and commissioning phase is very important for the final result of the work carried out and, it is followed by specialized technicians providing the customer with solutions and possibility of training directly in the field. We consider every project as a challenge and we have a specialized team ready to satisfy every need. Our highly qualified technicians and our approach to the customer make us a strategic EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) that can give added value to the customer.