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STIRRER control PROCESS for those who come in to repair.

One of the activities carried out by our company is the repair of damaged stirrer. The experience gained by our skilled workers, together with our technical staff has allowed us to improve an effective procedure of analysis of the stirrer, research and detection of any fault.

Analysis and identification of the causes of failure

Upon arrival at our factory, we open it and we check the condition of the internal part. A coil impedance measurement and an evaluation of the insulation to ground, are performed.

Electrical and mechanical reconditioning

The first step of the stirrer repair process involves restoring the state of the magnetic core preforming cleanings and regeneration operations at the original state. Coils that are damaged as a result of the failure or have obvious signs of degradation due to the aging of the insulation system are replaced by new coils of the same size. A&G uses a special type of resin that has been selected by our company over the years thanks to the experience gained. The repair process is completed by assembling the machine with particular attention to the actual final operation.


After sales service

Equipment and spare parts

A&G is very attentive to customer needs, offering complete technical support regarding the supply of spare parts compatible with existing industrial plants.

Check-Up Stirring Systems

Technical assistance and training

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