Industrial automation

AURIL & GOND operates in the industrial automation field and electrical distribution, working with well known Italian and European companies and thus offering the best solution.

AURIL & GOND has a long experience in this field supported by engineers and specialized technicians. We are aware that the success of our customer also depends on the quality of the product thet we provide. The costant attention to the customer and the collaboration already in the design phase, thus translates into an excellent service with a competitive price.

From design to test

We have a close relationship with our customers since the first stage of the production process.

Precision and reliability

Each product is thoroughly tested before shipment, always providing the customer with the most important information so that they can have an impression of the work performend.


Thanks to the experience gained in the industrial sector, AURIL&GOND deals with the design and construction of both automation electrical panels and electrical distribution panels.

From the early stages of the project, our specialized technicians offer concrete help, guaranteeing assistance and support to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.

From design to final testing, each phase of the production process is managed solely by the company's internal staff, this allows us to maintain the high quality standards of the electrical panels made.

Revamping of casting machines and electric furnaces.

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