Stirring plants for aluminum (EMS)

Electromagnetic stirrer

The production of aluminum consists in a production process that is divided into several very complex stages and the electromagnetic stirrer has become a fundamental element to accelerate the reactions during the melting phases. Auril & Gond supplies a complete system that can be mounted either below or to the side of the furnace. The movement of the metal is created by the interconnection between the magnetic field generated by applying electrical energy to the coils, and the molten bath. A movement on the molten aluminum by using an electromagnetic stirring (EMS) is a solution that brings significant advantages including, the elimination of mechanical contact with the molten liquid while improving key parameters such as melting speed and energy efficiency.

Thanks to fluid dynamics computation software, we carry out an analysis of the motions generated by the stirrer on the molten bath, which allow us to provide the customer with a system suitable for his needs.
Among the strengths of our system we find a very low maintenance, almost negligible, and the possibility of use on all conductive liquids.

Auril&Gond stirrer can be mounted on different types of furnaces including melting furnaces, holding furnaces or chamber furnaces and can be supplied with both air or water cooling solutions according to the needs of the customer and the production plant.
In order to install the EMS it is necessary to have a non-magnetic steel "window" to ensure the mixing of the material and a space for the installation of the stirrer itself.

Auril & Gond stands out for the great reliability and quality of a made in Italy product and for a team able to follow the customer from the design phase to the final commissioning phase.


Stirrer Aluminum


Strengths / advantages

Energy savings of up to 15%

Thanks to the reduction of heat losses and the improvement of heat transfer in the bath, energy savings are obtained and can reach 15% less.

  • Longer life of the refractory material
  • Possibility of installation on all types of furnaces both below and on the side
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • NO moving parts and NO contact with liquid bath
  • Possibility of mixing throughout the refining cycle and possibility of reversing the rotation

Thanks to this we can limit the formation of dead spots and make the slagging phase easier.



Increase in productivity and reduction of the costs

The life of the furnace is increased. It is not necessary to use the fires at high temperatures for long periods and the opening of the doors is drastically reduced, ensuring greater heat exchange and higher productivity.

Reduction of consumption

Auril&Gond stirrer for aluminum reduces gas consumption by about 15% thanks to mixing with consequent homogenization of the temperature.

Homogenization of temperature and greater dissolution of the alloys

With the use of the electromagnetic stirrer we have a drastic reduction in the temperature difference between the upper and lower part of the molten bath which is less than 5° C after a few minutes from turning on the stirrer. This difference without the use of the stirrer is normally between 50 and 80° C. This therefore also guarantees an increase in the dissolution rate of the alloys in terms of time.

Reduction of slag formation by up to 25%

The mixing effect produced by Auril&Gond aluminum stirrer means that a lower temperature gradient is obtained with a consequent lowering of the surface temperature (aluminum oxidizes very quickly at temperatures above 775° C). Using the stirrer mechanical mixing and door opening is less necessary, consequently, the formation of slag is substantially reduced.



The input transformer installed on the power supply line of the inverter allows to obtain the following advantages:

  • Limit the input current peaks on the inverter input circuit and the di/dt value due to the rectifier and the DC bus;
  • Reduction of the harmonic current of the power supply;
  • The reduction of the fault current therefore improves the continuity of the service;
  • Increase the power factor, thus reducing the line current;
  • Increase the life of the DC bus capacitors inside the inverter;
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The inverter is designed specifically for critical applications. Each panel is mainly composed of: a rectifier bridge, a capacitor, a three-phase DC/AC IGBT converter and a control unit which, interfacing with the system PLC, allows you to set the working parameters of the stirrer, start and control the device and manage any intervention of the system protections.

The stirrer operations can be fully automated thanks to an interaction between our system and the furnace's master PLC. Collecting and analyzing the information, the settings of the stirrer will be changed automatically according to the phase of the process in which we are. This peculiarity will guarantee the correct mixing in every phase of the production process with consequent energy savings and greater safety given by less human intervention.


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